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  2. Uv done a comendeble job.

  3. mmmm,such a gret talent friend.congrats en bravo

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  5. cool. this is what I call tangible stuff

  6. cool. I like.

  7. vipi moseti, i move to naks, how is the going????

  8. im deleting all my freinds in accordance to my new year resolution.SORRY!

  9. I love the lyrics,they potray challenges in present life,keep speaking for the voiceless collo,it is the only way our social injustices can be aired,big up

  10. gret message kip it up buddy


  12. Love the sound just dont understand . Is it in swahili and sheng?

  13. very impresive!…..

  14. bidiii yenyu jo,i wish u all the best g.crew dancers

  15. bidiii yenyu jo,i wish u all the best g.crew dancers

  16. bidiii yenyui jo,i wish u all the best g.crew dancers

  17. bidiii yenyui jo,i wish u all the best g.crew dancers

  18. uko juu tu sana

  19. uko mbeleeeeeeeee

  20. some things are worth checkin out.HAKI YETU!

  21. Wow ! Nyc work bro

  22. napenda izo picha yaa…..bidii yako

  23. so nice video,i love the music and the message. biko

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