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Mable Cyhe is a super mdel based in Nairobi,Kenya.She i s attached to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Topfashion-models-agencyagenzia-Moda-modellei-fotografi/195412047177963 and she is a student at Ashley’s beauty college.When ou5rv team interviewed Mable her own perception of qaulietiwes of a good model included;
1. A model must want to be photographed. This seems obvious. But not everyone really enjoys this process. Photographers should look to work with models that enjoy the photographic experience and want to participate in creative photography shoots.

2. A model must want to be published. Again this is another quality that seems obvious, but some models can be very controlling when it comes to their image. Recently I had a falling out with a model who insulted my photography and claimed that this blog was not good enough to feature her image. Again, look to choose a model who wants to have their image on display.

3. A model must have a good attitude and be receptive to the photographic process. This is another essential. It can take a lot of hard work to capture the right image and it makes a big difference if you work with someone who is creative and wants to experiment to get the right shot. The final result will be much better and their experience can be a great collaboration. On the flip side. A bad model can treat you like the hired help and have an ego bigger than the Himalayas.

4. A model must be professional and respect you as a professional. In the creative industries there are a lot of actors, writers, artists, photographers, and models. Basically you are lucky if you are working and should be respectful to anyone who is helping you through that process. I am very thankful towards my editor Kym for giving me such wonderful assignments at Discover Taipei and towards anyone else who has helped my photography succeed. Models in turn should treat photographers with the same respect.

5. Always use a model release form. This is to protect yourself. A model may agree to be photographed and published but then go back on their word the next day. Use a model release form to clarify that the images are for publication and that you have the right to display them on your blog.

6. The best models are friends. Most photographers have a few friends that are models that they photograph over the years. This summer I can’t thank my friend Carrie enough for coming through for me at Discover Taipei. Moreover, it is a wonderful feeling to look at images of a friends that you have grown and matured with through undergrad, weddings, and into adulthood. I can’t help but think of my friend Rachelle as I write this.

7. The best models enjoy the final product. They thank you for capturing a beautiful portrait and want to go through the process again. To me this what portraiture is. To capture someone’s face, essence, personality, and soul. Ultimately a good model appreciates and understands your art.
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A Janbhai H
Fashion Designers
1573 Munyua Rd
P. O. Box 47902 – 00100 GPO Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 2721088

Anniel Fashions
Fashion Designers
Uhuru Hwy
P. O. Box 72286 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 312864
Mobile: 735433337

Atoz Fashion Import & Export
Fashion Designers
P. O. Box 7205 – Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 4448369

Craydon Fashion
Fashion Designers
Capital Centre,Mombasa Rd
P. O. Box 40083 – 00100 GPO Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 557712

Cryfra Fashion Designers
Fashion Designers
Kenyatta Mkt
P. O. Box 11730 – 00506 Nyayo Stadium Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 2716669

Cute Fashions (K) Ltd
Fashion Designers
P. O. Box 12347 – 00100 GPO Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 3748761

Evelyn College of Design
Fashion Designers
Riara Rd off Ngong Rd
P. O. Box 10988 – 00400 Tom Mboya St Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 3868043 Fax: (20) – 3860420

Exclusive Things
Fashion Designers
New Accra Hse 4th Flr Tom Mboya St
P. O. Box 70389 – 00400 Tom Mboya St Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 2245293

Fahari Fashions Ltd
Fashion Designers
P. O. Box 20170 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 787292

Fashion Ninty Nine (99)
Fashion Designers
Saramala St
P. O. Box 86358 – 80100 Mombasa.
Tel: (41) – 2493001

Fashions & Beauty Island
Fashion Designers
P. O. Box 1412 – 40100 Kisumu.
Tel: (57) – 2021043

Fashions 99
Fashion Designers
P. O. Box 10987 – 00400 Tom Mboya St Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 3741526

Hatim’s Fashions
Fashion Designers
Biashara St
P. O. Box 99572 – 80100 Mombasa.
Tel: (41) – 2315187

Jaygo Fashions
Fashion Designers
NSSF Bldg 8th Flr Nkrumah Rd
P. O. Box 42498 – 80100 Mombasa.
Tel: (41) – 2230082

Jolly Five Fashions Ltd
Fashion Designers
Mama Ngina St
P. O. Box 59543 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 312084

Fashion Designers
Watamu Court,Lower Kabete Rd,Opp Sarit Centre
P. O. Box 76138 – 00508 Yaya Towers Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 4445443
Mobile: 722516317

Lizzie Davir Design Studio Ltd
Fashion Designers
Kitanga Rd
P. O. Box 75348 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 3866379 Fax: (20) – 3875978

Mcensal Ltd
Fashion Designers
Adalyn Flats off Kindaruma Ln Ngong Rd
P. O. Box 51421 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 2723990 Fax: (20) – 2718428
Mobile: 734650196

Nanyuki Fashions Pride
Fashion Designers
Main Rd
P. O. Box 333 – 10400 Nanyuki.
Tel: (62) – 23094

New Attitude Ltd
Fashion Designers
Tigoni Rd Off Argwings Kodhek Rd
P. O. Box 73003 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 3864445

Nyaudo Fashion House Ltd
Fashion Designers
Gilfillian Hse 3rd Flr Kenyatta Ave
P. O. Box 5200 – 00506 Nyayo Stadium Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 2243028 Fax: (20) – 2243028

Rialto Fashions
Fashion Designers
Anniversary Tws Gr Flr,University Way
P. O. Box 41998 – 00100 GPO Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 2248397 Fax: (20) – 2223337

Rock Collection,The
Fashion Designers
20th Century Plaza Gr Flr Mama Ngina St
P. O. Box 64178 – 00619 Muthaiga Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 313213
Mobile: 722410536

Samwa Fashion
Fashion Designers
Odyssey Plaza 1st Flr Mukoma Rd South B
P. O. Box 57768 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 652187
Mobile: 722815377

Scorpio Fashions Ltd
Fashion Designers
Kagwe Mkt
P. O. Box 21177 – Gatamaiyo.
Tel: (66) – 65405

Steve Fashion Shop
Fashion Designers
P. O. Box 124 – 60209 Gaitu.
Tel: (64) – 52363

T M Fashions Agent
Fashion Designers
P. O. Box 3311 – 30301 Nandi Hills.
Tel: (53) – 33451

Tara Fashions Salon & Tailoring
Fashion Designers
Uganda Hse 2nd Flr Kenyatta Ave
P. O. Box 1175 – 00100 GPO Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 2245031

Tijan College of Fashion & Design
Fashion Designers
Moi Ave
P. O. Box 83768 – 80100 Mombasa.
Tel: (41) – 2229801

Zetu Collections
Fashion Designers
Village Mkt 2nd Flr Limuru Rd
P. O. Box 57566 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
Tel: (20) – 7121822


Recommended Foods

Egg white, fish, chicken, turkey, beef, low fat dairy, fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread, rice, salads, sushi.
Sample Diet Plan

The following is a sample models diet plan from model Katie Cleary.

Naked Juice ‘Green Machine’ smoothie

Turkey sandwich with lots of vegetables and light dressing
Afternoon Snack

A piece of chocolate

Chicken breast with hummus and pita bread
Evening Snack

Chocolate chip cookie
Exercise Recommendations

All of the models highlight the importance of exercise, however, the advice is often vague such as ‘make sure you exercise three times a week’.

Most of the models engage in a combination of aerobic and strength training workouts and many of the models recommend spinning as a fun and effective workout.
Costs and Expenses

The Models Diet is available both as a paperback and eBook for $19.95.
Pros of the Models Diet

* Based on advice from people who are successful in maintaining an attractive physique.
* Discourages the use of diet pills and starvation diets.
* Encourages moderation in regard to alcohol consumption.ALL BLACK AND DARK
* Addresses the issue of eating disorders in the modeling industry and general society.
* Raises questions about societal values regarding physical appearance.
* Investigates the potential negative effects of cosmetic surgery.
* Includes an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz and a qualified dietitian.
* Addresses unique issues faced by men in regard to pressure to achieve a lean muscular appearance.

Cons of the Models Diet

* May not appeal to those who are not interested in the lifestyle of models.
* Does not provide adequate guidance for selecting a healthy balanced diet.
* Does not include meal plans or recipes.
* Many of the tips in the Models Diet are vague and non-specific. For example, if you eat out, make sure you choose healthy places.
* Recommendations from one of the experts include considering cosmetic surgery such as breast liposuction and breast augmentation.
* Some of the models support the use of steroids to improve physique.
* Includes some advice that will be offensive to many readers.


The Models Diet will mainly appeal to dieters who are interested in learning about the lifestyles of models and the methods they use to maintain their physiques. However it is important for dieters to realize that just because you follow their plan doesn’t mean you will get a body like a model.

While positive lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and healthy eating do lead to weight loss, most dieters will require more guidance and instruction in order to lose weight and maintain their results successfully over the long term.
Models Diet


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