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Up and coming Hip hop artist Collomoseti is bereaved. The famous artist who is the best Kenyatta University has ever produced lost his grandmother on Monday night at Tenwek Mission hospital. Kericho County. The aging mother who was approaching 100, had multiple organ failure due to old age. The team, Collomoseti friends and fans wishes to express our condolences and pray that god Rests his grandmother in eternal peace.

About Collomoseti
MUSIC AND CAMPUS HYPE ”camposhizzle” Camposhizzle simply means campus hype. collomoseti is a top Kenyan musician mostly associated with university and colleges functions in Kenya and beyond.His music has greatly influenced lifestyles of college students and other youth through product sales like t-shirts,pants,menswear,bags,posters,banners,furniture,Afo-necklaces,buckles,rings and many more.His songs like HAKI YETU,have been used in peace campaigns and other human rights activities around Kenya and colleges more so during the referendum campaigns when Kenya was realising the dream of a new constitution in 2010.welcome and we hope Moseti’s company will be useful to you…CAMPOSHIZZLE?
By Odhiambo Odhiambo.


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