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K-South is a hip hop production company who are among the pioneers of hip hop in Kenya. The group composed of two members, Bamboo (Tim Kimani) KC (Dobeez younger brother) and Doobeez (Jerry Manzekele), now Abbas. K-South was founded in 1995. Their name is an abbreviation of Kariobangi South, an estate in Nairobi where they were based. The group used both English and Swahili in their music as language.

Their debut album Nairobbery was released in 2002 by Samawati Studios. The album contained some of their earlier hits like “Tabia Mbaya”. Also on the album was the track “Illektrikk Posse”, featuring Zimbabwean rapper Mizchif and Ugandan artists Bebe Cool. K-South’s second and final album Nairobizm was released in 2004. One of its most played tracks was “Kapuka”, which coined Kapuka, a derogatory term referring to more commercial artists. After the album they left Samawati label due to disputes [1].

K-South were featured on “Sitaki”, a popular track by Mercy Myra, a Kenyan R&B female musician.

The duo was disbanded in 2005, when Bamboo left the group after becoming a devout Christian. Bamboo has since concentrated on gospel rap [2]. Earlier, Bamboo was riding high with his secular solo track “Compe”. Jerry Doobiez is now performing under new stage name Abas and released album Angabanga in 2006.

Abass Kubaff is one of a kind old school Kenyan rapper. He was born in the 70’s in Eastleigh and grown up in Kariobangi South, a neighbourhood in the outskirts of Nairobi. According to himself he has a passion for rap “since the doc said push”, but he officially made his entry in hip hop as Doobeez in 1992. A few years after, Abass Kubaff did the opening concert for Lost Boys, Coolio and Maxie Priest in Kenya and The Spooks and Arrested Development in Europe.

Abass Kubaff stood at the basis of the group K-South, a group he founded with Bamboo – rapper who later worked with Wu-Tang Clan’s former manager Cedric Muhammad in the US. K-South was lyrically untouchable making major noise in the Kenyan music scene between 2000 and 2007 with hits such as ‘Tabia Mbaya’, ‘Kapuka’, ‘Sitaki’, ‘Usilete Compe’, ‘Sitaki’, ‘Kariobhangi’ and the albums ‘Nairobbery’ and ‘Nairobizm’. Abass Kubaff launched his first solo album ‘Angabanga’ in 2006 and his second album, ‘Mr. Abbas’, was released in 2009.



  1. write-up your revenge commitment lida daidaihua!

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